Volvo 240 groupA, Engine B21ET L Swede Language only.






































































Some are used, but most are NEW.

You could make an offer on each, on all or what ever you need or want.













































































These are all NEW, A few are used, You can make an offer on what you like or want, just mail us with specific produckts and your price, I will include Shipping fee for the Post Office due on Weight.





Installation instruction, Englisch- Swedisch- German and French language.





Potentiometer installation instruction VOLVO 240 JANUARI 1979 .





















Pic left side: Rear deck speakers VOLVO 240 Aug. 1979 . R side : Rear speaker with messurements

This is a mold for speakers instalation, don't ask which we don't know.

































VOLVO 140-160-240-260 JANUARI AUG. 1979 Burglar alarm.



























installation instruction VOLVO 240 340 260, 1979 .


























































































































Installation Insturuction are just for you to show you what Volvo made these day's, a lot of Years before others.

Would you like an I.I or some part to look at, you could ask us, if we ask Volvo Headoffice to make a few copy's.


In 2004-2005 BMW brought that out as hot news, Volvo this had 30 Years ago, detection of the leftl or right lamps are bad or with some differeces..

As side impact protection, from 1970 and beond and we can go on....