OEM Intercoolers. 


Fits 200, 700 and 900 with 4cyl Turbo's.

M90 Maunal transmissions. 


1 NEW left.

It will hold 400hp and comes from the 940 Turbo '95- NOS.

Used :

M90 800€ + wrapping , boxing & Shipping

Shipping is depending on Postale code and is not cheap.

Depending on how much you did lower your car.

This come's not with or as seen in pic!

We already changed the length. for your application if you like.




200 serie adjustable Panhard rod, especially for lowered cars.


We are Sorry!!
Very fast change of stock, so no Prices or Quantity's.
We are using parts for our selves too!!
If you like something e-mail us!

We are not in any way afiliated with Volvocars, it 's there own parts we sell, New Old stock, or some used. 






Here you can find specifications of various original Volvo camshafts. If there's one you would like to have. Contact us and we'll if we have that one


Click on the picture for readable version. ;-)

Volvo 240 Diesel TURBO KIT


Upgrade your 240 Diesel to Turbo Diesel.

No Turbo including, you can use old or used one, small and big one..

Very, very rare here .

More Horse Power out off your 240 Diesel?

Here it is, a Volvo 240 Diesel Turbo kit, brand new , never installed. Complete and ready to install. Installation instruction included.

All included small Intercooler, Very rare and only seen one's


































You can get a big or a small turbo for this unit, just ask a :

Small up to 300Gr.

A big up to 1000 gr.

Light weight poulley's 122-140-240-740-940-S90

Volvo engine Light weigh Poulley's:


- B230 en B234 2-groef.

- B234 and B230 3-groove pulleys, with air-co grouve.

- B20 pulley.

- B21/23 adapter: B21/23 adapter. 

- Speical for race application to preserve the oil power steering and alternator less rpm and Drift Rally etc.


- Do you like an A-cam for you 240-740-940, or a K -cam or VX3?


- Other special parts, you can send a mail, an anwser will alway's be there for you.


adapter B21-23
2 grouved pouley Drift & Race pplication



K -cam